CHFA specializes in ironmongery stainless steel products

⬛ Rosa Lo

CHFA Corporation was founded in 1987 with 35 years of service experience. CHFA is a manufacturer specializing in architectural ironmongery stainless steel products. The hollow stainless steel lever handle in grade 304 and solid lever handle in grade 316 is the company's core products for architectural and ironmongery. Providing highly competitive and high-quality products. CHFA demands perfection in all aspects, including research, development, production, quality assurance. The company is ISO 9001 certified and for many products comply with DIN18273 specifications.

CHFA's main customers are based in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Australia, providing over 100% of the OEM and ODM products export to overseas markets. To increase our products range and meet the market demands, CHFA also produces other finished products for lever handle, pull handle, mortise locks, and more. In addition to the products currently offered, CHFA can also assist partners to develop new products and send the samples to their clients.

The company is committed to building long-term and stable partnership, so meet client requirements and loyalty are extremely important to them. Moreover, CHFA's goal is to embrace "internationalization," "professionalism," and ''diversification,” broadening a worldwide vision of leading quality products, and embracing diverse ideas to face market challenges.

CHFA is renowned for making lever handles in stainless steel. (Photo courtesy of CHFA)